YouTube Video Lessons for Learning German Online

German video lessons on youtube are among the most convenient free resources for learning a German language. Video courses are generally suitable for students of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced German speakers. They are particularly suited for training listening comprehension and pronunciation. Since there are so many of them out there and their methods of teaching a language are very diverse, you can choose a learning style that fits your personal style. Some youtube channels for learning German offer complete courses with lessons dedicated to training all aspects of a language for learners of all skill levels (A1-C2), while others focus on a particular skill such as pronunciation, grammar or listening comprehension or are tailored only for learners at certain proficiency levels.

If you type keywords such as “German courses” or “German lessons” into the youtube search box you will find loads of channels that offer free German lessons. However, many of them just showcase a few videos on youtube and, if you click on the profile link, you will be taken to their own website that is selling German courses. We have reviewed many youtube video channels offering free German lessons and are listing here those that we think are most complete.

The Best YouTube Channels for German Learners

  • Deutsche Welle Youtube channel – beginners (levels A1-B1) can accompany Harry Walkott on his adventurous journey through Germany. Those who are on the level A2 can follow Nina and David who travel around Germany and help viewers answer common questions about the German way of life (this course was prepared in cooperation with Goethe Institute where you can also find worksheets and transcripts from these lessons). Intermediate learners of German language (B1/B2) can watch 99 series of “Jojo sucht das Glück” (Jojo seeks happiness) about a young Brazilian lady Jojo who came to study in Germany. In addition to these series, there are other entertaining video courses for all levels of German learners available on this channel.
  • FreeGermanLessons – this youtube channel contains video lessons for beginners as well as for intermediate students of German. Although explanations in most of the video lessons are provided only in German, the language is clear and texts and pictures make everything easy to understand. You will have to browse through different playlists to find lessons that suit you best.
  • DeutschFuerEuch – a fun way of learning German with Katja. This channel is suitable for beginners who have never had any German lessons before as well as for more advanced students of German. There are playlists dedicated to pronunciation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary training and much more. Katja is a native German and will also teach you a little bit about German people and their culture.
  • Easy German – in the first place this a great stuff for beginners and those who want to learn some basic German phrases. You can even pick up some Swiss German from these video lessons, if you wish so. However, there are also loads of useful videos for intermediate students though, unfortunately, they are less well organized into categories and can be easily overlooked. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a channel from Easy Languages. They created several playlists from the channel “Easy German” such as “Learning German from the streets” where you can listen to real people answering all sorts of unexpected questions.
  • Girls4Teaching German channel with Eva offers introductory German course with 30 video lessons (organised into three units of 10 lessons each) to teach you the basic grammar, phrases and vocabulary and introduce you to the German culture. Intermediate students may also find some of these lessons useful.
  • German with Jenny – another lovely German lady who offers free German lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners on youtube. The video sound is excellent, so there is hardly a more suitable German course on youtube for practicing listening comprehension. The channel contains about 400 lessons from levels A1 to C1. Once you have completed the whole course you should also know a lot about German lifestyle and culture.
  • ThisAndThat4All – 80 German youtube lessons for beginners and intermediates to learn basic vocabulary, small talk, essential grammar and correct pronunciation. This channel is suitable for complete beginners in the German language.
  • 24h Deutsch – this educational channel was prepared in cooperation with the Goethe Institute. It contains more than 80 videos on different everyday’s topics for beginners as well as for more advances students of German. The main focus of the channel is on teaching grammar and vocabulary but it also helps train listening comprehension and provides useful tips for living in Germany.
  • Deutsch Happen hosted by Kirsten, a native German speaker, is a collection of videos covering a broad range of topics with strong focus on explaining the intricacies of German grammar. There are also special lessons on training German pronunciation and vocabulary. Lessons for intermediate learners are only in German but Kirsten speaks slowly and clearly so that anybody on that level should be able to understand her explanations.
  • Learn German with Herr Antrim is a channel for beginners and intermediate German speakers. There is a large section of videos explaining different aspects of German grammar, all from a perspective of American German language teacher. This channel also contains valuable German learning tips, vocabulary-building videos and a collection of videos from other German teaching channels on youtube.
  • Get Germanized – if you are bored of school German lessons and textbooks learn about Germany, German people and their language through the eyes of a real German and get germanised. This entertaining channel has all it takes to teach you proper German and do it in an unconventional and relaxed way. It is particularly good at teaching vocabulary that you will not find in regular textbooks. German lifestyle and culture are also discussed there.
  • Learn German with Anja is an entertaining and unconventional way of learning German with a German-native host Anja. Although the course is mainly focused on developing basic language skills, there are also lessons for intermediate students of up to the level B1. This growing, interactive youtube channel currently has 200K subscribers.
  • Lingster Academy – includes 60 video lessons hosted by Julia, a university lecturer with a master’s degree in German as a foreign language. The lessons are aimed at different levels of German speakers (A1-C1) and focus mainly on developing vocabulary and teaching grammar and writing to get you ready for German language proficiency exams.
  • Learn German – is a large German-teaching channel containing 330 videos on a great variety of subjects for all German-proficiency levels. This channel is suitable also for absolute beginners. Free worksheets, transcripts and podcasts are available for download for all lessons.
  • Ashkan’s German Lessons in Farsi – this is an awesome youtube channel with 300 video lessons for beginners and intermediate students of German language given by a Farsi (Persian) native speaker.
  • Hassan Abdelaziz Khatab’s channel is a German-teaching youtube channel in Arabic. It offers German lessons and examples of German language tests to students whose native language is Arabic.

Where Else to Find German Video Courses

Please note that those German-learning youtube channels that are largely geared towards young kids or focus exclusively on teaching basic German travel phrases were omitted from this list. You can find them in the respective sections of this website (just follow the two links above) and look for them under the headings “German YouTube Channels for Kids” and “German for Tourists on YouTube”. (Likewise, for German comedy and jokes follow the link in this sentence and search for the section “German Humour and Jokes on YouTube Videos”.) Once you have found courses or individual lessons you want to watch, you can create your own playlist of favourite German youtube lessons for easier access and for future reference. This will also help you check on your progress.