Self-Evaluate Your Language Skills with Free German Online Tests

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Free German online tests are an ideal tool for an independent self-assessment of your German ability level so that you can choose a course that best suits your individual language skills. In addition, you can try them to find out how well you would score on standard exams such as those used for German language proficiency certification. Interactive online tests are also a good opportunity to train your exam skills, or can be simply used as part of a regular exercise routine.

There is a great variety of free German tests available online for all levels of German learners. Some are simple multiple choice tests, while others require more engagement such as filling in missing words after listening to an audio recording or reading a piece of text, or translating. The main focus of most tests is to examine your grammar skills, while your vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension will also be tested. Many language schools offer free German placement tests online that anybody can take. You can use them to find out where you would fit in. Below is a list of the best web resources for German online tests that you can try for free as many times you like.

The Best German Placement and Assessment Tests on the Web

  • Goethe Institute with 159 offices in 98 countries around the world is for any German learner hard to ignore. German language certificates from the Goethe Institute are an internationally recognized proof of German language proficiency. There are language certificates for all skill levels, from beginners to advance German speakers (A1-C2). All offices of the Goethe Institute also organize preparatory classes for their exams but they are not obligatory for those wishing to take the exam. Before you subscribe to any of these classes you should use their website to assess your German language skills. If you have already started making preparations for any of the exams given by the Goethe Institute you may want to review their accessible exam training materials. This page gives you access to downloadable materials for all of their examinations and samples of practice exams that you can take online to test your German knowledge.
  • Goethe Verlag has a collection of 200 German online tests (with 15 sentences each) for intermediate students who want to independently evaluate their German language skills. These tests consist in completing an English-German translation of simple sentences and phrases by filling in the missing words (you get a hint). It goes without saying that you can check the test results online to see how many you got right. Once you have mastered all the tests you can also try crossword puzzles. Please note that Goethe Verlag is not associated with Goethe Institute and, therefore, their German language tests may differ significantly from those provided by the Goethe Institute.
  • Deutsche Welle Einstufungstest (DW placement test) can be used as another free alternative to help self-evaluate your German language skills on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. It consists of reading and listening comprehension and grammar and vocabulary exercises. This German placement test is free but you will need to register at the DW website before taking it.
  • Klett Sprachen has prepared several assessment tests, with each of them associated with a particular German course they have to offer. You can take these tests online and have them evaluated instantly or download them as pdf files. You will find correct answers at the end of each pdf file. Most of their German language tests are for beginners and intermediates (levels A1-B1). Advanced students should try the Mittelpunkt neu C1 assessment test.
  • is as its name suggests a website dedicated to providing online language proficiency testing and it does it in five languages including German. This project was developed in cooperation with TELC, and therefore, the test results are based on the CEFR levels (A1-C1). The free 15 minute German language test will give you an assessment of your German language proficiency, and a free certificate will be delivered into your email inbox as a PDF file. Employers and teachers can register for a free account and invite their employees or students to take these free tests and so quickly evaluate their language competency.
  • Transparent Language offers paid courses but to test your German you do not need to pay anything. Just follow the link above and take a German proficiency test to evaluate your language skills.
  • Prolog Berlin is yet another private language school in Germany (Berlin) that posted short German placement tests online on their website so that potential students can self-assess their German proficiency level before signing-up for paid courses. However, anybody can take these online tests for free. There are four separate tests for German levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. You can try any or all of them to find out which level you are at. You will get results instantly online.
  • International House Berlin – this is also a language school in Berlin which made a free 30 minutes German assessment test available online to anyone who wants to try. Press “See Results” to have it evaluated instantly.
  • – you will find there free German placement tests including a test for business German to enable you a quick assessment of your language skills. The test may not be to everybody’s taste, though. But, it is good to know that some universities may use German language proficiency tests similar to these.

Some More Exam Samples, Exercises and Self-Tests

For additional free German language tests, exercises and exam samples please refer to other sections of this website. Namely, to find out how well you are prepared for standard German language examinations try these exam samples. In order to specifically test your grammar skills, choose from interactive exercises in the grammar section. And, if you prefer paper, check out the collection of German tests in pdf format that are available for free download or print. Solutions can be usually found at the end of each document.