Find Private German Teachers & Tutors Online

Finding a private native-speaking German teacher online is an ideal choice for learners seeking professional guidance when studying German but having no time to attend formal classes or when there are no native-speaking German teachers in their neighbourhood. The greatest benefits of having a professionally trained private tutor are the opportunity to communicate with a native speaker in the language you are trying to learn while focusing on topics that interest you most or need extra attention, all that from the comfort of your home. Additional advantages include time flexibility and time saving.

On most platforms offering private tutoring you can choose a tutor that you like most based on their experience, teaching style, students’ feedback or interests. In most cases, teachers have their individual rates but some platforms have the same rate for all of their teachers. Many platforms also offer virtual group classrooms with a small number of participants (maximum 5 or 6) that are considerably more affordable than one-on-one private lessons but they do not give you the same degree of flexibility.

Alternatively, you can find qualified non-native-speaking German tutors who tend to be less expensive than native speakers. They can often explain grammar issues better than native-speaking teachers. Below is a list of the most popular platforms for finding qualified German teachers for private online lessons at reasonable prices. You are guaranteed to find there somebody capable of helping you with your German.

The Top Platforms for Finding German Language Teachers

  • Italki is an ideal place where you can find a private German tutor or teacher. This platform has more than two million active members learning different languages and more than two thousand registered tutors and one thousand teachers. The prices vary between 8 and 65 dollars an hour. Choose a teacher or a tutor whose teaching style and hourly rate suit you best and start practicing German online.
  • Preply enables learners of foreign languages to find native-speaking tutors for practicing conversation on Skype. Currently there are more than 80 native German speakers registered as tutors (out of 240 German tutors including those who are non-native speakers of German). For many of them you can read reviews from their former students. Hourly rates vary but are among the most competitive in the market.
  • BuddySchool connects all kinds of learners with nearly 30,000 professional tutors. Although most members are interested in learning languages, there are many other subjects you can find a tutor for including science, humanities, health, arts, commerce as well as many others. When reading tutors’ profiles you can check their score, schedule and interests to help you decide who to contact. Generally, most tutors’ fees are very affordable.
  • Easy-Languages enables German learners from all over the world to find private native tutors. This website has been developed specifically to help foreigners learn German, although English is also taught there. You will have private one-on-one lessons on Skype for a fixed price of EUR17.5 per 60 min with a professional German teacher. You will know exactly what you are buying because Easy-Languages offer a free trial for the first session.
  • GermanOnlineInstitute offers private German video courses, in both one-on-one and group classes, for all those who are getting ready for the official German language exams. Prices for one-on-one courses start at EUR18 per 60 min unit for larger packages. You can also pay as you go but that will cost you EUR20 per hour. Group courses with maximum six participants cost EUR7 per hour. Free trials are available.
  • TalkAbroad is a paid service that was originally developed for university students of foreign languages in the US to help them find native-speaking conversation partners. Now, anybody can use it. Conversations last 30 minutes and take place on their own videoconferencing infrastructure. You may provide a topic or let your tutor decide.
  • Lingoda offers interactive online classes for small groups of five students as well as one-on-one lessons with private teachers. Classes last 60 minutes, cover broad range of topics and are suitable for German learners of proficiency levels ranging from A1 to C1. Lingoda also issues language certificates that follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and are accepted by German embassies and consulates for issuing immigration visa to spouses of foreign nationals from non-EU countries living in Germany and by the universities in Germany as a proof of language proficiency.
  • VerbalPlanet enables you to find a personal native-speaking German teacher for private, tailor-made Skype lessons. For each teacher there is a personal profile, students’ feedback and their hourly rate (for a 45 min class) to help you choose a tutor that best meets your expectations. You can pay as you go and still make use of their loyalty discount scheme. Trial classes are also available.
  • NetTeacher is a German platform where students from all over the world can find native German teachers for private Skype lessons. This website is different from other similar sites in that not only teachers but also students can post their profiles. This means that students can also be contacted directly by teachers. Teachers have different hourly rates and you can choose between qualified teachers and native speakers who do not have an official qualification of a German teacher but they may share common interests with you and can thus help you improve your conversation skills in certain specific areas.
  • LiveLingua offers private one-on-one lessons with native German teachers on Skype. You can view each teacher’s profile information and their teaching style. One 60 minute lesson will cost you $25 if a 40+ hour package is ordered. The basic price is $29 per hour. A free, full hour German lesson should help you make up your mind.
  • Learnissimo connects German learners who wish to improve their conversation skills and listening comprehension with tutors offering private online lessons. This platform is mainly targeted at students in the UK, so prices are quoted in sterling for a 30 minutes lesson (between £10.50 and £13 excluding 20% VAT, while VAT is only applicable to EU residents).
  • Werbling is yet another platform that helps connect German learners with native as well as non-native German language teachers and tutors. Hourly rates vary, starting from 15 dollars an hour.
  • Langademy is a new, innovative concept that enables its participants to act as language tutors in their native tongue and earn credits that are added to their wallet. They can then exchange these credits for money (tutors earn 87% of the amount charged to the learner) or can use this platform as a language exchange in that they spend their earned credits to practice their target language with one of the exchange partners. Busy people or those who are not native speakers of one of the world’s major languages can simply buy credits and use them for conversation with a native tutor in their desired language without having to spend time teaching others. Participants can chat or make online video calls.
  • Language exchanges are a popular place where to find language exchange partners for a free conversation on Skype in a language you are trying to learn. However, some of these exchanges also offer the services of paid private tutors. Some examples include:

Follow the above link “Language exchanges” to be taken to the section “Chat with German Native Speakers for Free” which is listing additional similar platforms. You can find there German-native speakers learning your native tongue who are available for a free conversation on Skype or for a personal meeting. Although untrained native conversation partners cannot fully replace a professional German language teacher, they can help you improve general conversation skills.