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So, Why German?

German is one of the world’s major languages and one that will certainly help improve your chances for a successful career. Yet, German is easy and fun to learn and you can study it online absolutely for free no matter where you are.

1. German Is Important

German is the principal language of nearly 100 million people in Europe, more than English or French. The largest populations of German native speakers live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Sizable ethnic German minorities are still present in many European countries including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Hungary, Poland and elsewhere. Besides that, there are German minorities living on other continents including those in Central Asia (Kazakhstan), South Africa (Namibia), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, etc.), North America and Australia.

The size of the German economy (the fourth largest economy and the third largest exporter in the world) and its strong outbound tourism (actually the biggest in the world) have always been a key aspect in making German a popular foreign language to learn. A good knowledge of the German language has become indispensable for many people working in certain technical areas (e.g., mechanical engineering), science and technology, tourism industry as well as in the classical music industry. As a result, additional 50-60 million people around the world have learned German as their second or third language.

Moreover, due to population ageing resulting in growing lack of qualified workforce, the German job market is opening up to foreign labour, seeking to fill two million job vacancies. This is a tremendous opportunity for young, educated and talented people from all over the world and a great motivation to study German as German proficiency is a necessary first step for anyone wishing to study or work in Germany.

2. German Is Easy

German is a member of the West Germanic language branch, which also includes Flemish (spoken in Belgium), Dutch (Netherlands), Afrikaans (South Africa) and English. German and English share thousands of words that have common lexical roots, including loanwords from Latin and French. Because of the same lexical foundation, many of the grammar rules in German and English also appear to be similar. Therefore, anyone who has a decent command of English should be able to learn German with ease.

Likewise, people who speak other Germanic languages, including North Germanic languages (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic), usually find it easy to learn German. In addition, French speakers and speakers of other Romance languages can take advantage of the Latin-based German vocabulary and Latin influences on German grammar.

3. German Is Fun to Learn

What makes learning German not just effective but also enjoyable are plentiful free resources that allow you to practice every aspect of the language through various engaging activities while at home, commuting or travelling. These innovative learning materials, which you can all find on the world-wide-web, make it truly addictive to learn German online.

There are free interactive online courses, grammar exercises and tests as well as free video lessons for all levels of German speakers, free German textbooks and grammar books in PDF format for you to download, free samples of German proficiency examinations, sophisticated mobile apps for learning languages on the go and free online translation tools.

Also, you can watch German TV and listen to the German radio online for free, play German games, download free German eBooks, read German newspapers and magazines online and find native-speaking German conversation partners for free chat on Skype. But, you do not need to spend your precious time browsing the Internet searching for these great services because you will find them all here in one place at

The Top 3 Free German Learning Resources

For those who have little or no time to search through this website, here are the top three Internet platforms that no German learner should overlook:

Goethe InstituteGoethe Institute: German language proficiency examinations, downloadable preparatory materials and exam samples, assessment tests, online courses and exercises, tutorials and a German learners’ discussion forum.

Deutsche WelleDeutsche Welle: audio and video lessons with full PDF transcripts and downloadable MP3 files, vocabulary trainer, grammar exercises, placement tests, DW TV and DW radio.

YouTubeYouTube: video lessons for all levels of German learners and age groups as well as specialized video courses (e.g., German for travellers, business German) and videos that peek into the examination rooms during language exams.

With so many free Internet resources at hand you do not even need to buy a German textbook or a pocket dictionary, let alone paying for classroom lessons. But remember, in order to stay motivated you should always try to have fun while learning German online, especially if you have little interaction with other learners. Therefore, make sure you choose those resources that best suit your interests and learning style. Be it standard courses or innovative learning tools, there are plenty of free choices to keep you excited and entertained on your journey to German fluency.