About LearnGermanOnline.org

The primary goal of the distance-learning-portal LearnGermanOnline.org is to offer free access to all possible kinds of the high quality German learning resources to learners who do not have the luxury of studying German in Germany. Today, the Internet and communication technologies enable language learners, even those living in the remotest of places, to learn German fluently at very little cost, just their time and effort. All a person needs to master the German language is a PC or tablet, Internet connection, dedication and time.

LearnGermanOnline.org promotes the distance learning of German as a foreign language by providing carefully selected links to free German learning resources on the Internet while also offering its own learning tips. Over the years the platform has grown to become one of the web’s largest collections of links to free German learning materials, online courses and exercises, preparatory online exams, innovative learning apps, resources for training listening and reading comprehension and links to language exchanges with German native-speaking conversation partners and professional online tutors. Most of these learning resources are completely free for online use and can be freely downloaded for personal, non-commercial use.

This platform is not associated with any language school and does not promote any specific language teaching method. LearnGermanOnline.org values variety and freedom of choice. German learners can find here a variety of high quality resources for all skill levels, tastes, interests and learning styles to help them train every aspect of language development.

Some website visitors may wonder why a certain well-known resource that has helped thousands of learners improve their German fluency is not mentioned anywhere on the site. The answer is most likely because it is not free to use. All German learning materials promoted on LearnGermanOnline.org are available for free (though some have a paid “pro” version) to remain true to the principle that free quality resources deserve to be promoted for free.

Since motivation is one of the biggest factors that affect a person’s ability to learn a foreign language, the platform also provides practical regularly updated information about studying, working and living in Germany with links to relevant German government institutions, public agencies and other useful resources. Germany has no tuition fees so that anyone from anywhere in the world can study or undergo vocational training in Germany for free. Moreover, Germany has chronic labour shortages in many areas which can only be plugged with foreign workforce. This is an enormous opportunity for the skilled foreign professionals who speak German to find well paid jobs in Germany.

All linked-resources at LearnGermanOnline.org have been carefully selected and are reviewed at least once a year. There are no sponsored links to any German teaching websites or educational materials. Although, some of the linked materials and apps may have a “full” paid version, LearnGermanOnline.org receives no financial compensation if a visitor referred through its website decides to buy any educational product or service on another website.

Just like the links, the content of this website is periodically updated to maintain relevancy. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that all of it is relevant at the present time. If you want to help improve the content of this website use the contact form to request removal of the non-existing resources or outdated content, or to suggest a new resource.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading this website and find it useful.